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Urban Rajah

We’ve teamed up with the Urban Rajah to create the Summer Thali inspired by the authentic flavours of India’s Hill Stations. The Summer Thali is packed full of the Urban Rajah’s inspiring stories and generations-old recipes. Known as the Switzerland of the East,… more >

Indian sunshine on a plate.

Summer Thali

Escape to India’s lush Hill Stations with our limited edition Summer Thali created in collaboration with TV chef the Urban Rajah. Summer Thali – Dak Chicken Bungalow or Nepalese Mustard Baingan, Safalle Dumplings, Basmati Rice, Dahl, Salad, Masala Chai Kulfi,… more >

Women tap groundwater supplies to access water from a hand pump, Agra.

Thali Water

Thali Water donations have raised more than £10,000 for people living without access to safe drinking water in the urban slums of Agra, India. Our donations have helped 126 people gain access to safe drinking water, saving 21 families money, time… more >

Thali Chef Sam Hackett cooks up an ethical storm.

Thali Wins Flexitarian Restaurant Award

The Thali Cafe is one of the best places to eat less and better meat according to the Flexitarian Bristol. But what is flexitarianism? If you don’t eat meat at every meal then you are a flexitarian. Flexitarian diets can be… more >